Well, I guess I need to just make the best of what I got instead of being somebody I’m not. I wanna see you one last time. I wanna leave this town. I wanna start fresh somewhere else. I just wanna be free

100%. All of me. All I could be. All I ever will be. It’s all because of you. But, it don’t matter anymore. From the moment you left, I’ve been so mentally unstable, given a curse. I saw my uncle break 5 bones, then 2 hours later, it happened. Is God even real? If so, why is he letting this happen? What have I done? Nothing but physical and mental pain. This needs to come to an end. This needs to stop. Nothing I ever do is good enough. Nothing I do ever changes anything. Sitting in the hospital. Smh


conversation at work

  • i work at a halloween haunted house park
  • Guy who works in a haunted house: The best part about working in the haunted house is when girls go under the black-light.
  • Me: Yeah? Why's that?
  • Guy: If they're wearing a white bra, you can see it glow! Haha like why would you wear a white bra to this place?
  • Me: uh
  • Me: i dont get it
  • Guy: you can see their bras. Its funny.
  • Me: did you not know girls wear bras? Did you not know girl's have breasts?
  • Some girl walking past: What? We have... Hold on *looks down shirt* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT
  • some other boy: HOLY SHIT what the FUCK is under your SHIRT?
  • other boy: *SCREAMING*
  • girl: *SCREAMING*
  • me: *SCREAMING*
  • first boy: uh fine whatever fine i get it jesus christ